wp609111c8_06Child Support or the lack of it can cause greater problems than any one thing when it comes to money problems. Either for the parent who needs the support or the parent paying the support. Remember that receiving Child support is the right of the child. It is a parents duty to provide for the child either by child support or providing in kind services.


Child support is a calculation that uses the GROSS income (income before taxes are taken out) of each parent. The amount takes into consideration of who pays the health insurance, previous child support being paid, and work related day care. If you have these figures please feel free to call me and I will be glad to give you an estimate of how much you will have to pay or how much you receive.

Calculate Child support

wp1b41b166_06If you do not receive child support for more than two months, you should immediately contact me for help. I can file a motion to hold the other parent in contempt. The Judge will usually order the delinquent parent to not only pay the back support but also order the parent to reimburse you for court costs and attorney fees. Contact me or phone 334-262-2400


If you are paying child support make sure you pay the amount ordered. If you don’t you will not only own what you have not paid BUT THE INTEREST CHARGES ARE 12%!!!! So, if you loose your job or get sick and can’t pay it is VERY important that you ask for a modification of the child support so that it can be more in line what you can afford to pay. Better to spend a small amount now than have to pay thousands in arrearages down the road. Call me and I will explain the procedures to you. Contact me or phone 334-262-2400